Our Story

Hi, my name is Jill Kennedy and my husband’s name is Michael. We have always planned to have a business where we could work together, utilizing my artistic skills as well as his technical/mechanical ones. I am the registered owner of our business, making it female owned. Our business is located in NW Arkansas and was established in January of 2016.

We are proud to be Americans and we only buy US made cold rolled and stainless steels for making our products. Michael has designed and created several unique tools he uses in fabricating our products. We purchase as many tools “Made in America” as we can. We try hard to KEEP AMERICA FIRST!

Michael was forced to retire from his job in 2015. He “retired” me (encouraged me to stay home) and leave the corporate world behind some years before. We combined his skills of engineering, machinist, and computer technology with my graphics & artistic and office management skills. So we embarked on our journey to manufacture fabricated metal art that would be both beautiful and practical for customers.

Our art is custom designed by me, I do not use “canned” or pre-packaged clip art. I customize each piece through either customer requests, customer submitted designs, or designs of my own. I can manipulate any part of art’s design to the customer’s requirements.

We have licenses with the University of Arkansas, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University to manufacture designs with their logos and mascots. We can make other universities and sports team’s items in metal, but only in a 1-on-1 contract basis (special request) – a custom order required.

We can make almost anything. However, we have found that our hooks are exceptionally popular. Special requests are ALWAYS welcome.

We travel to a few crafts fairs each year. When our website is more popular, we hope to discontinue our craft show attendance.

We have been married for over 25 years and feel we are still on our honeymoon. We live and work exceptionally well together. Our lives were destined to be – Together Forever!

Designs By Kennedy
Jill and Michael Kennedy