Custom Orders

This page showcases our custom orders, metal designed to a specific request.  These are pieces that were made to order and sold to the requesting customer.  Not only are these examples but if you want one similar, just complete a custom order request and submit.  Contacting us does not obligate you to purchase.  All previous custom orders have resulted in happy customers.

Please understand, every piece of metal art we offer is a custom piece.  Jill, my wife, designs everything I cut.  She is the artist, the creative genius of our business.  I can say with confidence, you will be happy to work with her.  Empower us to create the perfect custom piece you envision!

When gift giving, there is nothing more intimate than a gift, thoughtfully personalized with the receiver’s name, street address or other uniquely identifying piece of information.

Remember, gifts made of steel last a lifetime!

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