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CUSTOM Razorback Mailbox Flag x2

Two Towel Hooks – “B” in Royal Blue and Pink

Full disclosure

Rural mailboxes are offered by many companies, it is doubtful any two companies mount their flags the same way.  To mount one of our stakes as a mailbox flag will require creativity and effort, an example of the effort for our mailbox is shown below.  Any modifications to one of our mini-stakes voids our refund policy.

  • Arkansas Razorback Mail Box Flag (price includes free shipping)
  • University of AR License No. 202019
  • 7″ wide x 10″ tall
  • Metal Weight: 14 gauge cold rolled US steel
  • Red Powder Coating, unmodified – will not rust
  • Made in Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Arkansas Razorback Mail Box Flag is made of durable 14 gauge cold rolled US steel (thickness of steel increases as the gauge size decreases, so 16 gauge is thinner than 14 gauge).

  • All our designs are handmade so may have slight imperfections to metal or finish. We take great pride in our perfection and don’t list anything unless we would purchase it ourselves.
  • Follow us on Facebook – Dbk Kennedy and Pinterest. Custom Orders are welcome, we can design anything.
  • We do accept returns – please see our Return Policy.

Check out all our – Collegiate Art

We create CUSTOM metal art of all kinds. We are licensed by three universities to produce their logos and mascot images for stock sales.  However, we can produce any college logo as a CUSTOM order request. Visit our Facebook page and click on photos. Design sizes range from pendant size (2.5″ x 2.5″) up to 4 x 10 feet.  We can produce multiple layer designs for spectacular visual effects.

How we modified the mini-stake to fit our mailbox

The flag mount on our mailbox is a bracket held on with two small machine screws.

The original flag was riveted to the bracket and the bracket has a tang that limits how far the flag will pivot.  We removed the rivet and enlarged the hole to 1/4″.

There is a hole in the bottom of all our mini-stakes but we had to drill a new 1/4″ hole so the bottom of the stake would engage with the tang.

We used a new 1/4″ x 1/2″ bolt and self-locking nut.  When assembled with the mini-stake, using the new hole, the stake engages with the tang and works great.  The self-locking nut prevents the bolt from becoming loose with use.

We hope this has been helpful.

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